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I established All Sorts Organizing because I recognized a real need. After helping my own parents downsize from their home of 50 years, I saw how critical my assistance was and discovered that organizing was a tangible way I could help people. I later learned that Professional Organizing was actually an industry, and I then knew I had to start my own business.

I have been interested in helping others for as long as I can remember. I studied psychology in college and went on to receive a master’s in marriage and family therapy. I have worked as a school counselor, domestic violence victim advocate, and a family therapist. I am now a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), and subscribe to their code of ethics and benefit from continuing education and resources they provide. Besides having the practical skills of organizing, I understand family dynamics and life cycle changes, and really empathize with people who want to make a change but aren’t quite sure how to.

I’m fascinated by the connection between clutter – in our homes, schedules, and digital life – and our mental and emotional health. I love discovering new ways to help people live more simply and less encumbered by stuff. We have unprecedented access to acquiring things, but there are also increasingly clever methods for lightening the load through donating, selling, recycling and repurposing. For example, a friend once taught me how to make t-shirt quilts out of those shirts we collect but never wear, and I thought it was brilliant! Now, this is an additional service I can provide, in addition to finding new homes or purposes for the myriad other things you no longer want.

As a Navy spouse and mother of three children and a dog, I know how it feels to be overwhelmed and in a state of transition. And I recognize the value of asking for help.

Let me know what I can help you with. Contact me at sara@allsortsorganizing or simply fill out my contact form and I’ll get right back to you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

All Sorts Organizing is a top professional organizer in the  Virginia Beach, VA professional organizers directory on FindMyOrganizer.com.
NAPO Specialist Workplace Productivity
NAPO Business Approved 2021
NAPO Specialist Household Management

“Sara is a life saver. She not only helped me declutter, purge and organize my house, she helped me get through my parents’ and both of their parents’ things that I acquired after I sold their house. Then she helped me purge again after I sold my other home and brought back more furniture and belongings. Sara is VERY professional and reliable and has a knack for making your home, garage or wherever feel refreshed, neat and organized! I know EXACTLY where to go when I need something!”

T. Jones

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