Professional organizers are in the business of dealing with overwhelm, so I know it when I see it. Working and/or schooling from home, trying to parent and work and stay healthy and be better people and deal with the onslaught of news and…of course it’s overwhelming! Here are some ideas to help you get some control again.

If you’ve been having trouble remembering what you need to do or taking tasks to completion, do this one thing: write it all down. Get it all out of your head. Ideally, have one place (a planner, notebook, notes app, etc.) where all of these ideas and todos can collect.

Take a look at your various routines, which are key to getting things done and managing overwhelm. Reflect on what yours are, and to refine them, follow these simple steps to getting a handle on them. You might even subscribe to this newsletter; it promises to be “comforting and inspiring,” and you get a free morning routine workbook.

Additionally, consider your digital clutter. For example, your schedule may be crammed full of Zoom meetings. We are also bombarded by information and opinions. Try to schedule screen-free time, and consider taking a social media/news break, a couple days per week. Instead of scrolling through social media, spend 10 minutes deleting photos from your phone, unsubscribing to junk emails, or deleting unnecessary documents on your computer. You can also close open browser tabs (Safari, Chrome, etc.) on your phone to save your battery life.

Many of us have been introduced to virtual learning from home. This has been overwhelming for many families, but you can set your family up for distance learning. No matter where the kids are schooling, these apps for families may be helpful. And if you’re worried about how to make it all work, remember, you’re not alone.

Consider new habits and activities. What new practices did you develop in the year of the pandemic? Did you start a garden? Reconnect with old friends? Finally declutter your closet?  This woman always has great ideas for getting on the path to simplifying your life, in a variety of ways. From trying a minimalist wardrobe to making the choice to stop drinking, her advice is valuable.

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