Productivity Consulting

Is time getting away from you?

Maybe you’re forgetting important tasks or appointments, feel there’s not enough time in the day to get things done, or just aren’t getting to the things you need or WANT to do. There are ways to fix that.

How does it work?

You schedule weekly, one-hour sessions, during which we will discuss your challenges and strengths with managing time and getting things done. 

You select the option that works for you. See below!

Who should try it?

You could benefit from some productivity help if you:

  • Have trouble getting your work or household tasks done
  • Are chronically late or overdue on payments or other obligations
  • Don’t have adequate time in a day, every day
  • Can’t seem to start or complete projects
  • Feel you’re missing out on all the things you’ve been wondering about, hoping for, or dreaming of.

        Hourly Sessions         (Pay as You Go)


Want to see how it goes first? I’m fine with that.

One Month Subscription


Commit to a month, and you’ll be on your way to establishing new practices and good habits.

Three Month Subscription


If you’re ready to get to work and have regular accountability, this is the way to see real results.


Shall we sort it out?

Stop wasting time; learn more about how I can help you be more productive and get things done.

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Sara Cummings, M.A.


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