Virtual Organizing

What is it?

Virtual organizing is an innovative and convenient way to provide organizing services through a phone, tablet or computer. It’s perfect for completing your organizing projects while social distancing. However, it’s actually a great option under any circumstances, because:

  • Distance between the organizer and client is not a factor – they can both be anywhere!
  • Sessions are only one-hour, so scheduling is more flexible (evening and weekend sessions are possible) as well as affordable.
  • Because the client is doing the physical work, his or her grasp and retention of organizing skills may come along faster than if the organizer was doing most of it.

How does it work?

During a one-hour virtual organizing session, you use your smart phone, tablet or computer to show me around your home or office. I help you develop a plan for your space and guide you through the process of decluttering and organizing. Then, I give you “homework” to perform on your own, which is detailed in a follow-up email. I also outline the plan forward and provide links to any organizing products that might be helpful.

The amount of time and number of virtual sessions required depends on the size and scope of the project, and how able you are to physically do the work and complete assignments in between live sessions.

Who should try it?

Virtual organizing is a fantastic option if you:

  • are motivated to get organized,
  • are physically able to do hands-on organizing yourself or with the help of others in your household,
  • have reliable internet.

Virtual organizing may be just what you need to acquire the accountability, instruction, and scheduled time for getting your home and life organized. Give it a try!

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