Need some help with the things that really matter?

If you have big ideas and dreams for personal growth or exploring a new chapter in your life, but can’t seem to make things happen, you could benefit from coaching.

Wait. . .You’re an organizer and a coach?

It may seem a little funny, but actually, the two services really go hand-in-hand. Good organizers listen nonjudgmentally, demonstrate sincere empathy, and appreciate their clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole individuals; these are really coaching skills! Through a year-long course through Coach Approach Training program and pursuit of certification through the International Coaching Federation, I’ve acquired further coach education and experience. Coaching is a natural outgrowth of helping people get their physical spaces in order, and a process that appeals to my background as a counselor. Helping you sort through and find clarity in your life and what really matters – in a way that recognizes YOU as the expert – is what the coaching process is all about.

Virtual Organizing

How does it work?

We will meet by phone or video call weekly, for one-hour sessions. In each structured session, we’ll focus on a specific topic of your choice that relates to your overall goal for coaching.

  • Coaching is a process for clarifying values, motivation and what matters most to you.
  • Through skillful questioning and deep listening, I help you clarify your direction, goals and action steps.
  • As partners in the process, we work together to develop awareness and new understanding about yourself.
  • I provide you encouragement, support and accountability along the way.
  • Coaching is not therapy; however it is a safe space to explore your motivations, goals and direction – the things that really matter!

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    One Month Subscription

    We meet weekly for three weeks, leaving the fourth week for you to reflect, act on your intentions, and let it all sink in. I provide text and email support throughout the month. 

    Three Month Subscription

    We repeat the one month routine three times, allowing for deeper awareness and learning and more time to create the forward movement you desire. I provide the same text and email support the whole time.

     Are you ready to get clarity around the things that really matter?

    Let’s talk about how you can develop new awareness about what you want and how to get it.

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