summer needs to be organized differentlyAs communities are opening up and people are getting out, we’re still faced with the fact that this won’t be a typical summer. We usually expect camps, vacations, time off, and family gatherings. Even if it’s a time we might prefer to forget, here are some considerations for making this summer one to remember for all good reasons.

Why not go into summer less distracted, ready to make the most of it? We like to blame our distractability on technology. However, Nir Eyal explains this is inaccurate, and demonstrates in this short video how you can “distraction-proof” your mind. He elaborates further in this podcast and his book, Indistractable.

The change of season yet again provides good incentive to declutter. How about some guidance from a woman who declares, “My house is messy. Really messy.” It doesn’t get much more real than A Slob Comes Clean, and she’s got books, a blog and a podcast. Talk about someone who can relate!

Chances are, this summer’s vacations will be via road rather than air. So, check out these hacks for organizing your car for the drive. I also like these ideas from an Australian traveller, especially using large, plastic tubs with lids to contain things. But can anyone tell me what a “doona” is?

For many, the past few months have been a time to explore being more self-reliant through growing food, making cleaning supplies, and educating one’s own children. If you want to learn more about things homegrown and handmade, try this podcast. Start with how to care for your cast-iron skillet.

So, what CAN we do in the next few months? This Slate article offers some suggestions for taking advantage of a season we’ve more than earned. More ideas from Travel & Leisure are here. Check this link if you need ideas for things to do with kids, and believe it or not, there’s still Highlights.



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