Whether you’re staying home more because of a pandemic, or you’ve just settled into routines of life, you may have developed new habits or behaviors that are unhealthy or time-wasters. No matter what’s going on in the world, it’s a good idea to occasionally review your daily operations and become purposeful in how you manage your days and environment. In other words, work on undoing any bad habits you’ve developed!

finding timeTo change any behavior, you must first recognize and take note of it. Then you can attack it as described here. You may be inspired by the unique work habits of some creative people.

clearing clutterIf you are more easily distracted lately, it would help to purge all distraction clutter, right? Turn off notifications on phone, tablet and computer. To take it a step further on your computer, you could try Stayfocusd (for Chrome) or Self Control (for Mac). If your phone is the problem, try some of these tips.

creating homesMaybe you struggle with putting things away, like this writerPrime your environment by creating a home for at least one thing that frequently clutters your space. New habits are formed through paths of least resistance, and if you know where something goes, it’s easier to get in the routine of putting it there.

living simplyFor many, being at home more during the pandemic has been an exercise in simplifying. For some, though, it makes life more complicated. The “new normal” may involve more worker autonomy and flexibility for parents to balance home and office demands. But we shall see.

things that matterCreativity and humor can help with most anything. For example, quarantine movie titles. And grandpa jokes. Then there’s Steak-Umm’s Twitter feed. But one of my favorite things from the pandemic time is The Piggenheim Museum. Art is to be enjoyed…by all.