Start small; baby steps even.Is your vision for the new year 20/20? Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly through all the chaos, mess, and noise, whether in your house, at work, or in life. The best way to create the life you envision is to start small. Little changes will add up. Here are some small steps you can take to get to clarity in 2020.

Want more time this year? Start with small changes and stack those new habits. This article provides a list of 17 small habits to try, all taken from Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less. The Pomodoro technique is one of my favorites; there’s even an app (or several) for that.

clearing clutterLabel a bag or box “donations,” and put one thing you no longer need in it. Repeat every day. For other ideas, check out this link. Meanwhile, are you acquiring things you don’t need? Also, it wouldn’t hurt to stop accepting free stuff. The goal is “not to reduce life to the fewest amount of things, but to fill it with the optimal amount of things.”

Creating homesCreate homes within your home by keeping like things together. All tape. All socks. Your holiday decorations. Find a bin, a drawer, or a basket, and put all the same things together. This short article touches on other key ideas: ways to sort small stuff; the need for a simple filing (paper management) system; and the importance of a “landing zone.”

living simplyDecide to do one new thing that will make your life simpler and better. This site is a wellspring of information on living small and simply, including this blog post about getting started. Reduce or turn off notifications. Eat more veggies. Meditate. Pick up a craft. Or embark on a 10 minute mission as suggested here.

things that matterWe made it to a new decade! Clearly we’re doing some things right. Keep doing more of what’s working. What relationships, activities or things in your life make you happy? In general, these are what we should focus on, share with others and reward ourselves with, in that order. As this writer proclaims, “live your wild and precious life!”


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