When people get around to organizing their home, they find a ton of things they had lost or forgotten about. This stuff really adds up in value! Here are some common things that people find when they organize their home, as reported by various sources online, as well as my own personal experience:

  1. Money – loose change, gift cards, bills, checks, or even forgotten bank accounts. I often “make money” for my clients, and I’m quick to point that out, even when it’s just 11 cents.
  2. Valuables – items such as jewelry or antique items that they didn’t realize they still had, didn’t know had value, or hadn’t been able to find.
  3. Old photographs –  often of loved ones who have passed away, and memories both fond and forgettable.
  4. Important documents – such as passports, birth certificates, and tax forms, but also letters and other written memorabilia.
  5. Clothes – that they forgot they had, couldn’t previously fit in, or thought they had lost, often with tags still on them, that can be returned, sold, donated, or yes, worn!
  6. Books – better than going to a bookstore or library, book lovers may find books they forgot they owned or had intended to read at one time, and may recommit to doing so or passing them on to others.
  7. Electronic devices – old phones, bluetooth speakers, headphones, computers, tablets, cords (!) or cameras, which contain SD cards with photos long lost.
  8. Cleaning and organizing supplies – from previous, well-intended attempts to clean and organize.  Discovering these can be motivating when they realize they don’t need to buy more to get started.
  9. Space – For many, this is the most valuable thing people find, because they realize they can actually make do in their current home! This is second only to:
  10. Sanity. Full stop.

Whether you find loose change or important documents, organizing and decluttering are rewarding in many tangible ways. There will undoubtedly be discoveries, which regardless of monetary value, are priceless.

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