People have different systems for organizing, but think of the “why” behind organizing: It’s so we can find things. Therefore, your things need homes.

We have homes, which have addresses, so people and mail can find us. We know where to go, and so should our stuff.

Some homes for things are easily determined for us. What’s a typical home for a plate? On a shelf in a kitchen cabinet. In the kitchen, because that’s where food is prepared, served, and often eaten. On a shelf in a cabinet, because it is protected and stacks easily with friends there. But what about swim goggles? Clipped coupons? Rubber bands? You’ll have to create homes for those. It doesn’t matter where, but it has to make sense to you. Think about:

  • Where are you likely to use it?
  • Is it something you want displayed or tucked away?
  • Is the home an appropriate size for that item and all of its friends (others like it)?
  • Most importantly, where are you likely to look for and find it?

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